Review: Karcher FJ 6 vs Autobrite Direct Snow Foam Lance

I've been using the Kärcher FJ 6 lance for a few months now and I've done about five washes with it. I've experimented with various snow foams including ones from Chemical Guys and Autobrite Direct.

A few people recommended that I try a snow foam lance from Autobrite Direct; so I took the plunge and bought one.

The first difference you'll notice with the Autobrite lance is that it has a much larger bottle to hold your solution which is much better than having to refill it during a wash; which you have to do with the Kärcher.

Unlike the Kärcher you can also adjust the aperture on the nozzle to help adjust the thickness of the foam. The adjustments you make with the knob on top of the unit to change water flow, also seems to give you much more fine grain control over the Kärcher.

Overall I'd say the Autobrite Lance creates much thicker foam and is easier to use because you don't have to mess with refilling.

Here's a quick video I took so you can see the difference in output:

A more in depth review coming shortly.