About Me

I’m a web developer and designer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with love for technology and photography.

Update 2023: I'm now the Technical Director of Neode a web design and development agency based in Harrogate! I will be updating my website later this year with a whole range of new photos!

For as long as I can remember I have always had a keen interest in technology and electronics. I spent much of my childhood taking apart electronics and messing about with technology. When I got my first computer I instantly become obsessed with IT software and hardware. I spent pretty much all of my school life on a computer playing with different software packages and systems.

Web Development

Whilst this website is mainly dedicated to my photography, I spend most of my time working as a web developer at a large agency in Harrogate. I specialise is front-end web development but I also work with CMS integrations and back-end systems.

I work with both front and back-end programming/templating languages such as: HTML5, CSS3 (LESS,SCSS), JavaScript (jQuery,ES6,Node.js,Vue.js), PHP, Twig and Mustache.

I've worked with many content management systems (CMS) including ExpressionEngine, Concrete5, Craft CMS, WordPress, Lemonstand, Magento and Perch.

I'm mostly self-taught and I have been building websites and experimenting with web technologies since the age of 11. Working for a large agency alongside my freelance work; has allowed me to significantly improve my range of skills and the quality of them.

I've worked on hundreds of web projects ranging from small brochure websites to large bespoke eCommerce systems.

Web Design

Whilst I'm primarily a web developer I work on several web design projects each year as a freelancer. I enjoy designing and building aesthetically pleasing yet functional designs from scratch. My designs focus heavily on functionality and usability. All of my designs from the past couple of years are fully responsive and work on a wide range of mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Being a colourblind individual is often seen as a disadvantage when it comes to design. However, I use this to my advantage as it allows me to understand the accessibility issues that the use of colour has on the web and in print.

Photography & Video

Photography is my main hobby. I’ve always had a keen interest in photography but I became hooked about 5 years ago when I borrowed a DSLR camera from my sister.

I mainly take photos of landscapes however I enjoy photographing just about anything.

I’ve photographed many products, people, bands and events. Examples of my photography work can be found on this website in the photography section. I also upload regularly to social media sites. Links to those can be found at the bottom of this page.

As a result of taking so many photos, I have learned many editing and processing skills which have helped create some of my best photos. I have become proficient at using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

My videography work is very much an extension of my photography hobby. I have filmed several bands and have created videos for products. I have been using editing tools such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and After Effects since secondary school.


I've spent most of my life on computers and I've always had a general interest in IT both from a software and hardware side. I have built and fixed many computers over the years. I have a good understanding of networking hardware and protocols. I'm good at diagnosing problems with networks and computer systems. I'm an accomplished user of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. I also have experience with using Linux distributions such as CentOs and Ubuntu both on desktops and servers.

In my spare time...

What is that?

When I’m not working or out taking photos I’m usually out socialising or attempting to play the guitar and drums. I love music and pretty much listen to all genres although I am a huge rock and metal fan. Many years ago I always wanted to be a DJ and I occasionally still have a dabble on the decks but unfortunately, my lack of free time has resulted in me neglecting this hobby quite a bit.

I don’t really follow many sports but I do follow Rugby League and I’m a huge Leeds Rhinos fan.